Be sure to check the drop down menu above for recent additions as pictures may be added to galleries between the major updates shown below
6 / 17 / 2019
Gallery 23 has been added to our ever growing Beach Section. This gallery favors models being photographed in bikinis or at the beach and of course doing both. The models are from the 80s and 90s and the photography is simply beautiful. Come inside the members section and check out view in the Beach Section.
5 / 31 / 2019
Galleries 21 and 22 have been added to the Beach section for this update. Come inside the members section and see incredible pictures of beach and bikini action. Whether it's beautiful pro models like the one to the right or candid bikinis having fun at the beach this section is proving to be a favorite here at WildBikiniContests!
5 / 15 / 2019
We haven't posted a video in awhile so here's a Florida bikini contest from 1986. This was about the time when bikini styles were progressing from mild to wild. The contestant to the right is wearing the "Pretzel" style which evolved into the "Sling Shot" giving minimal coverage to those daring contestants a few years later and into the early 90s. The 20 min video is only part one of this three day event and we'll post two and three in future updates. The beginning of the video shows a few bikinis on the beach and a sharp eye may spot a few of the girls that appear in the Beach Section photo gallery so come inside for a blast from the past!
4 / 28 / 2019
Galleries 19 and 20 have been added to the Beach section for this update. Come inside the members section and see incredible pictures of beach and bikini action. Whether it's beautiful pro models like the one to the right or candid bikinis having fun at the beach this section is proving to be a favorite here at WildBikiniContests!
4 / 11 / 2019
Galleries 17 and 18 have now been added to our Beach section. This new section is really shaping up nicely and we can't wait to start going through all the video we've acquired for the Beach Gallery. Many of the girls that appear in the Beach picture galleries were also captured on video and some were recorded at the same time their pics were taken. Believe me when I say this section will just keep getting better and better for fans of bikinis and the beach.
3 / 27 / 2019
For this update we are going to finish off the coverage for contest number 61. This is one of our biggest galleries and with this new update the total number of pictures of this contest is a whopping 1,296! This was one of those two part events with the girls coming out on stage in their sexiest biker outfit followed by the bikini round. There were a lot of contestants and the photography is awesome. Come inside the members section and see it all
3 / 11 / 2019
We're currently on the road looking for some new spring break bikini contests to cover for this site so here's galleries 15 and 16 added to our Beach section for this update
2 / 24 / 2019
Galleries 13 and 14 have now been added to the Beach Section so come inside the members section and see what is shaping up to be our favorite section of bikini beauties here at WBC
2 / 8 / 2019
We're going back to a 2016 Hooters Pageant covered in contest 71 and continue with more galleries of the bikini round. This event started with a costume round which already appears in the coverage and we had started the bikini round. This update adds four more galleries of the bikini round including the girl on the right which brings the current total of pictures in contest 71 at 924
1 / 23 / 2019
For this update we are adding galleries 11 and 12 to the new Beach Section. These are the type of girls you might see walk off the beach and right onto the stage of an 80s or 90s bikini contest
1 / 7 / 2019
We're going to finish up the coverage for contest 42 in this update. This was a 2006 Hooters regional contest that would send the winner to the national pageant. There were over 30 contestants from surrounding Hooters restaurants representing their very best. Being 2006 the bikinis were a bit on the conservative side compared to the wild styles of the 90s and predates the tattoo fad. This is one of if not the largest gallery with a total of 1,176 pictures. Come inside the members section and check out this blast from the past
12 / 20 / 2018
We're going to finish out 2018 with three more galleries in the Beach Section for this update. This will give us a good base to build on in 2019 and eventually a video section will be added featuring the same kind on content. As a matter of fact there was video recording at the same time many of the pictures in the beach galleries were taken so you'll see those bikinis come to life plus many more clips of beach action. Enjoy these new galleries knowing that it's going o get even better here at in 2019 so come inside the members section now!
12 / 6 / 2018
Two more galleries have been added to the Beach Galleries section for this update. If you are a fan of bikini styles from the 70s 80s and 90s you'll love our new section featuring pictures from that era. From candid pics at the beach to professional photo shoots the photography in this section is awesome. A window to the past when the bikinis were hot and the all natural girls that wore them were hotter. Come inside the members section for the best on the beach!
11 / 16 / 2018
We're going to continue with the bikini contest coverage we started in the last update directly below and we are able to complete the contest with this update. The pictures take you all the way to the crowning of the winner. There are several extra large group shots with all the ladies on stage for the winner announcement. Another great contest where the photographer did an excellent job of capturing the action. This event also had a fashion show and that coverage will come in future updates.
10 / 31 / 2018
We have the latest Biker Fashion show / Bikini Contest held in Daytona during the 2018 Biketoberfest event for this update and we are going to follow the same order and start with the bikini contest first in this update. This event had a nice mix of contestants and they certainly were a testament to today's trends and fashion. This first installment doesn't get us through to the crowning of the winner and that will have to come in a future update followed by the biker wear fashion show featuring the same bikini contestants
10 / 15 / 2018
We're going to keep going with not one but TWO new galleries in our Beach Section in this latest update. If you like the beach styles from the 70s 80s and 90s you'll love the new beach galleries. if you're already a fan and hoping to see more especially of a particular girl the chances are good she may turn up in future galleries so be sure to come inside the members section and check out the amazing beach photography at
9 / 30 / 2018

Let's continue to build on our new Beach Section with another gallery of amazing pictures for this update. We've got a great variety of images that range from candids to professional models. If you're a fan of styles from the past you will love the new beach section. Come inside the members section now and see pictures of beautiful beach scenery like the image to the right.

9 / 14 / 2018
We started contest 73 with the 4/21/2018 update and it's one of those fashion show / bikini contest events. We started with the bikini contest first and need to finish that coverage before we uncover the fashion show. This update completes the bikini contest and includes the crowning of the winner. There are a lot of pics showing all the contestants together on stage for the announcement of the winner which is fun for side by side competition comparisons along with the contestants reactions.
8 / 28 / 2018
Sorry for being late on this update. There was a computer failure and it had to replaced along with the software used to keep this site going and we're trying to get things back up to speed again. I'm excited with our new Beach Galleries section so let's continue to build on that a bit more before we get back to contest coverage. This new gallery is a great mix of candid beach shots, amateur and pro models including two playboy Playmates and a rare shot of the very first Hooters Girl, Lynn Austin. This new section is sure to become a favorite amongst members especially when we start adding video so come inside and enjoy the beach view!
8 / 7 / 2018

We've uncovered a treasure trove of swimwear pictures and video that spans from the late 1970s to the present day. A mix of amazing candid beach pictures and professional model photo shoots that we're going to put into galleries in the new Bikini Beach Section starting with the first gallery in this update. With so many different styles presented and filled by some of the best bodies on the beach these galleries will be lots of fun to browse for the swimsuit connoisseur. Let's get started in the members section now!

7 / 6 / 2018
We've got the video of the finals of the contest we've already posted two videos of with the last post on 10/7/2015. This was an awesome bikini contest held back in 1989 with almost every girl a potential winner. The video shows the girls preparing behind the stage before going up for one more round and then a parade lap featuring all the girls. The top three are called back on stage and the winner is announced. With contestants like the one to the right we're claiming this contest as one of our all time favorites. Come inside the members section and see our latest 20 minutes of bikini contest history here at
7 / 6 / 2018
For this update we are going to finish off the contest coverage we started with the 6/6/2018 update.
6 / 21 / 2018
It's been awhile since we've posted a video so we dug deep and found some backstage action from a massive bikini contest held back in 1989. This contest was part of a surfing festival on Easter weekend in Florida and there were over 50 contestants. The quality of girls was very high and quite frankly, any one of them could've been the winner. Perfect bodies with dark tans wearing day glow colored jacked up bikinis. This video shows them backstage getting ready for their turn on stage and is just over 16 minutes long. We have a lot of video from this contest so we had to break it into 3 clips with this one being the first and the other two will come in future updates. Comes inside the members section and relive 1989!
6 / 6 / 2018
We've uncovered a contest from around 2002 for this update. It's one of those Saturday afternoon contests at a Florida beach bar that has hosted some epic contests over the years. This one wasn't the best but it had a nice variety of contestants including the body builder to the right. This was also the beginning of the digital camera evolution so the pictures are low resolution but we'll take anything we can as it's nice to have pictures from that time.
5 / 21 / 2018
It's time to complete the coverage of contest #62 and with this update the total number of pics comes to 1,260 covering this contest. Like the contest in the previous update this was a two part event starting with a costume round followed by the bikini round. Lots of hot contestants in this one. It should be noted that the photographer was unable to stay to the end of the contest so some contestants were not photographed in the bikini round and neither was the crowning of the winner.
5 / 6 / 2018

It's time to complete the coverage of contest #67 and with this update the total number of pics comes to 1,134 covering this contest. This was one of those two part events that started with a fashion show followed by a bikini contest and this one had some very hot contestants. The last update lead us up to the crowning of 2nd place and now we reveal the winner. While there wasn't as many pics left to finish the coverage as we usually have for an update we have tried to make up for it with some very nice, extra large pics of the winners and the obligatory shots with judges.

4 / 21 / 2018
We have the latest Biker Fashion show / Bikini Contest held in Daytona during the 2018 Bike Week event for this update but this time we are going to do things a little different. We usually start with the fashion show but this time we are going to switch the order and start with the bikini contest first in this update.
4 / 6 / 2018
We're going to come close to completing the coverage of contest #67 with this latest update. To refresh your memory, this was a contest that was split into two parts, " Biker Fashion " and " Bikini " with all of the contestants coming from local Hooters Restaurants. These girls were super hot and put on a great show for the crowd. This update adds another 252 pictures to bring the total number of pics currently in this gallery to a whopping 1,008.
3 / 22 / 2018
With Daytona's annual Bike Week just ending we've uncovered a classic Bike Week Bikini Contest that was held at a motorcycle dealership right next to the highway in Orlando. The year was 2002 which puts it near the end of the era where girls wore whatever they wanted and did whatever was needed to win over the crowd response. This one had the girls pushing the limits of their competitors to the point of flashing which you don't see in contests today. There were few entries and a couple girls were in street clothes but the contest really caught fire when the top two girls in bikinis pushed the limits and drove the crowd into a frenzy.
3 / 6 / 2018
For this update we're sticking with the contest from the last two updates so we can get into the bikini round and see these beautiful contestants take the stage in their swimwear. This contest has a wide variety of girls including the super fit #9 to the right and you'll get to see the first group of girls take the stage in this update. The 252 new pics added brings the current total for this contest coverage to 756 pics of the costume round and the start of the bikini round.
2 / 20 / 2018

We want to get into the bikini round of the new contest from our last update but first we have to finish the costume round coverage. This update does just that with another 252 pictures of the contestants wearing their First Responders theme costumes. The rest of the girls appear on stage one at a time followed by them grouping on stage. We've made those group pictures extra large for some fun side by side comparisons of the awesome contestants.

2 / 4 / 2018
We have another new contest for this update with massive coverage and we'll be adding to it until all the coverage is complete. This contest had two rounds of competition, costume and bikini and this update has the first half of the costume round. This was a regional qualifier for the Hooters International Pageant so there were lots of beautiful entrants like the one pictured to the right.
1 / 19 / 2018
This update features an almost 25 min video of a Hooters St. Paddy's Day bikini contest captured back in the late 90s. It starts with some of the girls coming on stage to literally auction the shirts off their back before the bikini competition. This contest had some quality entrants including a young Teri Harrison pictured to the right who went on to become Playboy's Miss Oct. 2002.
1 / 4 / 2018
We are finally going to break into the Bikini Round of contest #62 with this update. This brings the costume round coverage of this Daytona Wing House contest to around 800 pictures with the last few added in this update and we begin to cover the bikini round in the rest of the update. This contest had a wide variety of girls that smashed the costume round and we can't wait to dive into the Bikini Round and see more of the excellent coverage.
12 / 18 / 2017
We need to get through the fashion round of contest #69 first posted on 10/26/2017 so we can dive into the bikini round so we're going to complete the Biker Fashion round with this update. All the girls come back on stage in a different outfit than they wore in the previous set. These 252 additional pictures brings the Fashion Round gallery to 504 pictures and we haven't even got to the Bikini Round yet. Come inside and pick your early favorites!
12 / 2 / 2017
We've uncovered a 2002 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest on the beach in Daytona for this update. It was during the annual Bike Week event and was held at the famous band shell. The contestants were beautiful and put on a great show. Playboy's Dahm Triplets made a special apperance followed by an autograph session and pictures of that are included in this contest gallery. We also have a surprise sighting of Ashley Smith in the crowd who was the reigning Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant winner. Come inside the members section and see how they did it in 2002!
11 / 10 / 2017
While preparing the last update we realized that we hadn't finished the coverage for this same event held in 2014 and first posted here in the 4/9/2015 update so we're going to finish it with this update. It features the last of the bikini round, all the girls back on stage for the crowning and some group shots of the winner and runner ups.
10 / 26 / 2017
Daytona has two annual motorcycle events, Bike Week in early March and Biketoberfest in October. Both have some pretty good contests and one of our favorites happened last weekend during the 2017 Biketoberfest. This contest features a fashion show of women's biker wear followed by a bikini contest. The bikini contestants model in the fashion show and we've got the entire event covered. This update features all the girls coming out on stage in their first biker fashion outfit like the lovely model to the right. Future updates will have them strut the stage in a second outfit followed by the bikini contest. With so many great pictures of this event we have to break them up into several updates and by the end you'll know why this fashion show / bikini contest is one of our favorites.
10 / 11 / 2017
This update features a Bikini Contest held back in 2004 at one of our favorite Florida beach bars. There were a variety of girls wearing some awesome bikinis like the beauty to the right and it's the kind of contest we wish we could find today. This galley has close to 260 pictures and the coverage is complete with this update.
9 / 26 / 2017
We survived Hurricane Irma with minimal damage but had to endure a few days without power. That's nothing to complain about considering all those that lost so much more. Still some things left to take care of so for this update we're going to stick with the contest from the previous update and get through all the contestants as they take the stage in the bikini round. This brings the coverage of this contest to just over 500 pictures.
9 / 9 / 2017
With our headquarters directly in the path of Hurricane Irma we are rushing out this latest update so we can prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This update continues from the new contest featured in the last update. It began with a biker wear fashion show and now we are starting the bikini contest round. All of the girls in the fashion show competed in the bikini contest and a few other girls had entered the bikini contest. We have a few hundred pics covering the bikini contest and this update gets the coverage started with the first 252 pics of some incredible contestants.
8 / 25 / 2017
We've got a great contest from 2011 for this update. It's another two part competition starting with a Biker Wear fashion show that is featured first in this update. Most of the girls that entered the bikini contest took part in the fashion show and I must say they sure looked hot in the outfits they showed on stage. What's fun about this event is you know the girls in the fashion show will soon be in bikinis so you get to imagine what they might look like. The contestant to the right certainly looked hot in her biker outfit and you just know she will be jaw dropping in her bikini. This update starts the contest coverage with the complete fashion show and the bikini round will be added in a future update.
8 / 10 / 2017
For this update we've added another 294 pictures to contest #65 which we began coverage starting with the first post on 5/10/2017 and it shows the rest of the bikini round, the crowning of the winner, fun candid shots backstage and then some informal model shots of the contestants in new outfits as they prepare for the second contest of the afternoon. This brings the total of pictures to 798 and concludes this contest's coverage which consisted of a costume round followed by the bikini round.
7 / 25 / 2017
For this update we are going to get through the bikini round of contest #61 featured in the update posted on 2/4/2017 which brings this contest coverage to over 1,000 pictures. This was held during an annual motorcycle event in central Florida and had a sexy biker wear round followed by the bikini round. This update also has several extra large group shots for your viewing pleasure.
7 / 10 / 2017
We are going to keep going on that Hooters regional contest featured in the last update with another 252 pictures added to the costume round which had all the contestants working the stage in their favorite Super Hero uniforms. I must say these girls looked super cute dressed up and really had fun on stage in front of the crowd that cheered them on. Come inside the members section and decide if they are super heros or super sexy :)
6 / 25 / 2017
This update features a 2017 Hooters regional contest with the winner going to the International pageant later this year. It had two rounds of competition starting with a super hero theme costume round followed by the swimsuit round. With lots of girls entered it will take several updates to complete the contest coverage so we're starting with the costume round in this update and will complete that round and start the bikini round in future updates.
6 / 9 / 2017
We've added another 252 pictures to contest #65 to begin the bikini round. This contest was first posted on 5/10/2017 and was held just a week or so before that post. Come inside the members section and see this contest's costume round and now the start of the bikini round in this latest update..
5 / 24 / 2017
For this update we've added another 252 pictures to contest #42 to bring that Hooters Bikini contest coverage to over 1,000. This was one of those regional qualifiers to find a winner to go to the Hooters National Pageant. The contest was held in 2006 and featured over 40 beautiful contestants. This gallery now includes some contestant group shots following their individual appearance on stage and many are extra large in size for some fun comparison.
5 / 10 / 2017
We got our hands on a great contest that was held just a few weeks ago. It was during a FL motorcycle event and the contestants were beautiful, buxom and worked the stage professionally which made for an entertaining and enjoyable contest. The photographer's coverage is spectacular considering all pictures are candid and we are thrilled to have them in the members section for this update. The contest consisted of two rounds, costume then bikini and we are featuring the costume round first. Come inside the members section and see the lovely contestants including the beauty to the right and see just how the motorcycle community throws a wild bikini contest.
4 / 26 / 2017
We found an early 1990s Hooters bikini contest video for this update. Looks like filming conditions were a bit tough due to the crowded conditions inside the restaurant but the 12 lovely contestants certainly make up for it. There is a nice variety of girls in some hot bikinis and every one of them could've been the winner and we're OK with that! Watch it inside the member section now.
4 / 9 / 2017
For this update we have coverage of the latest contest held at the 2017 12 Hours of Sebring Endurance Race. I've seen many contests over the years and some have been very good especially the ones they coordinated with the beautiful Hawaiian Tropic girls. This year was undoubtedly the worst I've seen and for many reasons. The awesome contestant to the right turned out to be the diamond in the rough and made the contest worthwhile. Come inside the members section to see more of her and learn what made this contest such a downer and find out what we would like to see happen so next year's contest gets things back on track.
3 / 25 / 2017
Six new galleries have been added to contest #62 bringing the total to 18 and we still haven't made it to the Bikini Round. This was a contest held during Daytona's Bike event and featured many contestants in two rounds of competition, the costume round and the bikini round. There is a wide variety of girls and the costumes ranged from fun to sexy like the example to the right. This update concludes the costume round and every girl has now had a chance to appear on stage. The bikini round will come in a future update.
3 / 10 / 2017
We are pleased to have a super sexy video from Playboy Playmate Julie Clarke for our latest update. Julie gave us this video to show how much she likes her bikinis and considering that she was 35 years old when this video was recorded one can argue she is even better than when she posed for Playboy some 15 years earlier. The video shows her in outfits, bikinis including the wild sling to the right and more. Thank you Julie for the awesome video and for those that want to see much more of this incredible model please go to her official website and see it all.
2 / 20 / 2017
With the 2017 12 Hours of Sebring race and more importantly the bikini contest coming up in a few weeks we thought we should finish up our coverage of the 2014 contest featured inside the members section as contest #46. Another 252 pictures were added to bring the total count for this contest to a whopping 1,260. This last addition features the final bikini round with many group shots of the girls on stage for side by side comparison and many of those pictures are much larger than normal for easier viewing. We hope you like the massive coverage and can't wait to see what the 2017 Miss 12 Hours of Sebring Bikini Contest brings.
2 / 4 / 2017
We finished the Biker Wear Round for contest #61 in the update posted on 10/23/2016 and now we are starting the bikini round in this update. With so many girls in this contest we won't get them all in this update but 252 pics of the bikini round have been added bringing the current picture total for this contest up to 882. Come inside the members section and see these awesome contestants go from sexy Biker Babes to beautiful Bikini Models.
1 / 20 / 2017
This update features a new contest that was held in 2016 during one of those Biker events in Daytona Beach. It was a small contest held in a bar there on Main St. with about a half dozen contestants which is surprising because the first place cash prize was $500 which would usually attract more girls. They had a couple hot contestants, including the one to the right that could win a bikini contest anywhere and a few that got plenty of cheers from the Biker crowd. Come inside the members section and see a contest from Daytona's Bike Week and see if we can top it with the 2017 Bike Week contest coverage when it happens Friday March 10th - Sunday 19th.
1 / 5 / 2017
For our first video post of 2017 we thought it would be fun to put up this music video of candid clips taken from model photo shoots, bikini contests and beach action. This video has a wide variety of content including a few girls that reveal more than we usually show here at Wild Bikini Contests but we wanted to kick off the new year with a bang and hope you like it. Come inside the members section and see our latest video that will bring the heat to your winter.
12 / 22 / 2016
It's been a great year here at Wild Bikini Contests with lots more to come in 2017. For our last update in 2016 we are going to tie up some lose ends and complete the contest coverage for contest #60 which we started in the update posted on 9/3/2016. This contest had a lot of nice amateurs that did their best to win. I want to thank all of you that have supported this site over the past few years and we're looking forward to bringing you more pics and video of contests from the present and the past in our continuing effort to make this the very best bikini contest site on the net.
12 / 7 / 2016
We need to keep chipping away at the huge contest coverage we have for the contest first presented in the 11/7 update so we are adding another 6 galleries with 252 more pictures including the hot contestant to the right that came dressed as Eve apple and all. Forget the apple and come inside the members section and see which contestant in this gallery you'd like to take a bite out of.
11 / 22 / 2016
For this update we have a special video from Playboy Playmate Julie Clarke. She was kind enough to give us a sample video from her official site and it features her in a few swimsuits like the orange wicked weasel to the right as she models them for her website. This is a great look at this amazing model especially considering she was 35 years old when the video was taken. Julie is a timeless beauty that certainly knows how to rock a bikini.
11 / 7 / 2016
With Halloween just behind us we thought it would be fun to post a recent costume contest for our latest update. There were many contestants dressed in everything from Star Wars characters to the lovely angel pictured to the right. As with many of our contests the coverage was huge so this will be the first of probably three installments needed to complete this contest but we're off to a great start with this first group of contestants. Come inside the members section and decide for yourself if you want a trick or treat.
10 / 23 / 2016
We wanted to finish off the sexy biker wear round that we started in the last update so all the contestants were represented. We've added another 378 pictures to complete that set which brings the total of pictures just of the sexy biker wear round featuring hot contestants like the one to the right to a whopping 630 pictures so far in this contest coverage and we still have the bikini round to go. This was a great contest with lots of hot contestants that sure knew their way around a motorcycle. Come inside the members section and see why this is one of our favorite annual contests to cover.
10 / 5 / 2016
We have a contest from 2016 that was part of a motorcycle event in Florida for this update. It was a great contest with many contestants. It had two rounds with the first having each girl come out on stage dressed in sexy biker wear, walk the stage and then sit on a custom motorcycle for a few pictures and then walk off. This was a fun feature of the contest because each girl had their own way of mounting the motorcycle. Some elected to sit side saddle and some went wild and threw their leg up in the air and straddled the bike. It certainly made for some interesting pictures and we've got the goods. The second round had the girls come out in their bikinis. This will be another huge gallery so we are starting with part of the biker wear round for this first installment.
9 / 21 / 2016
Contest 41 inside the members section is a massive gallery with over a 1,000 pictures of a contest that featured a costume round, club wear round and the bikini round. We posted the costume and club wear rounds and we are now into the bikini round. We've added another set of pictures of the bikini round for this update as we get closer to completing the coverage. Will the hardbody to the right win it all? We are getting closer to finding out the answer.
9 / 3 / 2016
For this update we are starting coverage on another new contest that was photographed back in 2008 at a popular Florida beach bar. This contest had several girls with a variety of looks including the contestant to the right. Of course we've got a ton of pics from the event so we are going to post part one now and add part two in a future update. Come inside for another wild contest!
8 / 19 / 2016
We are going to go ahead and finish up the contest that was posted in the last update with five more galleries which brings us to a total of 462 pictures of this contest and lets us move on to something new or finishing up another contest in the next update.
8 / 4 / 2016
For this update we are featuring another contest from one of our favorite venues on an east coast Florida beach. This bar used to attract some of the hottest contestants from around the state and never seemed to disappoint. The contest in this update had a nice variety of girls including the one in the sample picture to the right. Several girls entered and the talent ranged from a few circuit girls to first timers walking up from the beach.
7 / 19 / 2016
We know the bikini styles of the 90s and early 2000s are very popular here and finding that content in period becomes increasingly difficult as there is a finite amount. However, getting a model to wear those styles today for a photo shoot is always a possibility and we are super excited to get our hands on this photo set taken by a photographer that shares our taste in swimwear. This update features a picture gallery of a model with the perfect figure for those wild styles we all love. A diamond in the rough that was happy to put the suits on and pose for the photographer. She wears a couple sexy outfits and a few suits including the legendary sling shot and the wild orange suit pictured to the right.
7 / 4 / 2016
For this update we are returning to contest #54 or we'll never get to the end of it. This is the contest we just finished the costume round two updates ago and started the bikini round. This update continues with the bikini round and gets us a little bit closer to finding out who the winner is in this huge costume / bikini contest.
6 / 17 / 2016
We have another bikini model video from around 1993 and it features an incredible beauty with gorgeous long blonde hair and a body that is perfect for the bikinis of that time. She also stood nearly six feet tall with legs that seemed to go on forever. I don't think she did bikini contests but did lots of bikini modeling for trade shows and photographers like the session featured in this video which was originally recorded on VHS. Looks like very windy conditions at the beach that day but they probably still got some great pictures and we are very happy there is at least some video to capture the moment of those glorious days when bikini models were the best.
5 / 31 / 2016
Well it took over 250 more pictures to finally finish off the costume round but we did it with this update for the contest we first posted on 6/26/2015. That makes over 700 pictures of just the costume round in this gallery with the bikini round still to come. We crack the bikini round starting with the first girl in this update and will add more in a future update to complete the contest gallery.
5 / 12 / 2016
We have a lot of short video clips that are not long enough to be an update on their own but editing them together makes for a nice mashup of bikini contest action. Add to that some clips of people in the crowd and having fun on the beach and you've got a fun video for this latest update. The real question is with so many beautiful girls at the beach and in the contests why in the world would the two drunk guys at the end waste their time getting into a fist fight :(
4 / 27 / 2016
We don't often get our hands on wet T shirt contests but when this one popped up we know it had a place in our collection. This was a typical contest held during the wild days of Spring Break when the contests were usually filled with drunk girls on vacation wanting to do something they've never done before. There would also be one or two hotties that make the contest rounds and usually take the first place cash unless they are outdone by the crazy antics of a Spring Breaker. The girl to the right in the yellow bikini bottom is one of the contestants. I guess you'll have to watch the whole video to see if she is one of those hotties or a Spring Breaker :)
4 / 10 / 2016
Larry the Cable Guy became the number one comedian in the world and we have a very cool video of Larry from earlier in his career when he was just a character on a central Florida morning radio talk show. Larry did many gigs for the radio and one was to emcee a bikini contest at Hooters. This video shows Larry as he judges a wing eating contest, auctions the shirt off a Hooters girl finalist and emcees the bikini contest as the hot Hooter girl contestants take the stage in their bikinis. Certainly a unique addition to the video archives here and bound to be entertaining with all those lovely Hooters Girls in bikinis and Larry the Cable Guy behind the mic.
3 / 26 / 2016
We are going to switch things up a bit and post a cool video of an amazing bikini model that was taken back in the early 1990s on a Florida beach. Barely standing five feet tall this girl has some amazing curves and we get to see them in her bikinis, a few sexy outfits and the tiny wet Tee to the right. The video is over 20 minutes long and taken while the model and photographer worked together taking still pictures. No music or fancy editing. Just straightforward scenes from a beach photo shoot from a time when girls were simply beautiful and look at home at the beach.
3 / 10 / 2016
With Sebring only one week away we are going to stay on our 2015 12 Hours of Sebring Bikini Contest coverage and finish off the bikini round in this update. 336 pictures have been added to this contest gallery which completes the bikini round and combined with the club wear round brings us to a total of 882 pictures of some incredible contestants competing for the top prize at Sebring.
2 / 23 / 2016
Hard to believe that the 2016 Sebring Bikini contest is just a few weeks away as we haven't finished the coverage from the 2015 event yet. I guess this stems from our effort to offer a wide variety of contests from current to the past and continually mixing them up so there is always something here for everyone. We covered the Club Wear round of the 2015 Miss Sebring Bikini Contest in a previous update and now its time to get going on the bikini round. This update adds over 250 more pictures to this contest gallery.
2 / 6 / 2016
We found this video from the world famous Candy Store that looks to be from around 1990. This bar across the street from the beach in Ft. Lauderdale FL was thee spot to be when spring break was at it's peak there. They held some wild bikini contests pool side during that time which unfortunately was before the camcorder so it is very rare to find any record of those contests. This video comes from a later time but is still a great glimpse into the end of the 1980s and the styles that went with it. Come inside for a blast from the past!
1 / 22 / 2016
Time for another round of the Daytona bikini contest we first featured in the 10/22/2015 update. For a contest with $1,000 for first place there wasn't as big a turnout contestant wise as you would think but it was still a great contest with something for everyone's tastes. Biketoberfest has several contests each year and after seeing this gallery you'll know why we continue to cover it.
1 / 7 / 2016
For this update we are going continue with the contest we first posted on 11/22/2015 that began with a biker fashion show. This update features the bikini contest with all the models that were in the fashion show competing in the bikini round. This contest had a little bit of everything so if you like them thin, thick or close to perfect like the girl pictured to the right with an all natural and very curvy figure, you are bound to see something that catches your eye in this Daytona Biketoberfest fashion show and bikini contest.
12 / 23 / 2015
We kicked off 2015 with a model gallery of one of our all time favorite bikini contestants so we thought it would be appropriate to finish off 2015 with an awesome video of her. Watch as she takes to the beach in her first ever photo shoot wearing some incredible swimwear from the early 1990s when the video was taken. The pic to the right is just one of the many sets from that day and you get to see her take direction from the photographer as well as some great scenes set to music. This video is a perfect representation of the quality of bikini contestants from that era and we hope to have much more like it as we head into 2016 and continue to bring you the best bikini contests and bikini model related content.
12 / 7 / 2015
We have a very cool behind the scenes video from Julie Clarke who happens to be one of our all time favorite bikini contestants. In only her second ever bikini contest Julie won a regional qualifier taking her to the National Venus Swimwear Pageant where she came in second missing the top spot by a single point on the Judge's score card. Julie then went on to become Playboy's Miss March 1991. Her Official Website just reached its ten year anniversary and is filled with amazing pictures and video of this top Model. This video features Julie posing in a sling style bikini taking directions from her photographer as she eventually slips out of it and shows what makes her one of the all time great glamour models.
11 / 22 / 2015
We have another hot contest that happened only a month ago from this post and very pleased to be able to bring it here to you at Wild Bikini Contests. This is another contest from Daytona's famous Biketoberfest event and once again it delivered some real beauties including the incredible contestant pictured to the right. This was another two part event beginning with a Biker Wear fashion show followed by a bikini contest. Because we have so many pictures we are going to have to break this up into a few updates beginning with this one which features the fashion show.
11 / 7 / 2015
This update continues with the contest we first posted on 6/26/15. This was a HUGE contest that began with a costume contest and we are still working our way through the awesome pictures. This update features the second group of girls in their sexy military theme outfits including the incredible girl pictured to the right. She looked like she just stepped off the cover of Fit Magazine and we are happy to have her along with the others in this update adding another 252 beautiful pictures to this costume and bikini contest Gallery.
10 / 22 / 2015
This update features a contest that happened last weekend at the annual Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach Florida. We've got some awesome pictures of this bikini contest that featured a $1,000 cash prize for the winner. Come inside the members section and see this very recent contest of beautiful bikini contestants competing on stage with hundreds of bikers cheering them on.
10 / 7 / 2015
Time for another video and this time we are putting up more video from a contest back in 1989 that we featured in the 5/25/2015 update. This video covers a lot of the action that goes on behind the stage as the girls get ready to compete. They put on makeup, adjust their awesome bikinis and even pose for the few lucky photographers that got access. There is also some nice video of them taking turns on stage. The video is skillfully edited to give the best view with many scenes slowed down for your viewing pleasure. A real treasure from the year 1989 that will be sure to have you wishing contests today were more like those from the past like this.
9 / 22 / 2015
The annual 12 Hours of Sebring auto race has been putting on a very nice bikini contest for the last several years and we've now got the coverage for the 2015 event. While not quite as many contestants as last year the quality is just as good and we are pleased to bring you another great bikini contest picture gallery. This update we are featuring the club wear round which preceded the bikini round. All the girls came on stage individually in their favorite dress and I must say some were very sexy like the beauty in the picture to the right. The photography is top notch and there are several pics of each girl as they present themselves on stage to an appreciative crowd.
9 / 6 / 2015
We are happy to add another bikini girl to our " Feature Model " section and this one is a perfect example of what girls were like back in the mid 1980s when these pictures were taken. She is a natural beauty with an awesome body that is perfect for bikinis. A girl that loved to spend her days at the beach with her friends. We've got a set of pictures that has some candid of her at the beach. There are some pictures of her in a bikini contest and some pictures of her first modeling session. She poses in a few outfits before getting wet under a shower for some very hot shots. A prime example of how a girl transitions from the beach to bikini contestant to bikini model.
8 / 23 / 2015
Many of our contests have hundreds of pictures of the event so we break them up and add pictures to their galleries in future updates. Some contests have several rounds like costume, club wear and bikini. Some are two day events and some have so many girls we can't get them all in one update. That is what we are dealing with here in this update. Lots of girls in a two day contest. We are adding the rest of the pictures of day 1 in contest #51 which features some incredible girls in some wild bikinis like the one pictured to the right and we still have day 2 to add later.
8 / 8 / 2015
294 pictures have just been added to the 2014 bikini contest held at the legendary 12 Hours of Sebring race. We have the club wear round and this update shows all the girls in the bikini round. This addition brings the total of pictures in this gallery covering the Sebring contest to just over a whopping 1,000 pictures. The beautiful bikini contestants are captured walking the stage in nothing but their high heels and bikinis driving the race fans wild with all the right angles covered for your viewing pleasure.
7 / 25 / 2015
Continuing to present a wide variety of bikini contests we have this one from 2004 photographed from the side of the stage. It was a big beach party with the local radio station putting on the bikini contest. They relied on crowd participations and many girls came for the party and ended up on stage. A few guys went through the crowd and tried to convince girls to enter and we have some candid pictures of the crowd before the contest so you can see if you can spot a few potential contestants before the main event.
7 / 11 / 2015
We've found a classic bikini contest held back in 1989 at the world famous Candy Store beach bar in Ft. Lauderdale Florida that was captured on video and its a perfect example of the typical contest back then. The Candy Store wasn't a big contest but held every weekend and sooner or later every girl entered. This contest only had four girls. One was drunk. Another was too big for her new thong bikini, her tan lines prove it and she was still determined to wear it. The other two were the hot bodies people came back every weekend to see did their best to win over the crowd. The best thing about the Candy Store was you never knew who would show up.
6 / 26 / 2015
This update features a recent bikini contest with almost forty contestants. It was a regional qualifier with the winner going on to Las Vegas and competing in the national pageant. The first round brought the girls out in four groups and with it being held close to Memorial weekend it was an armed forces theme costume round. Each girl took the stage in a sexy costume like the girl pictured to the right. Then the process was repeated with the girls in their bikinis. There are far too many pictures of this contest to post in one update so we're starting with 258 pictures of the first group in their sexy costumes and will add more pictures in future updates.
6 / 10 / 2015
Some of the contest video we have is too short to feature on it's own and some of the content we have is a bit different than your usual bikini contest. For this update we are going to add something different with a video mashup featuring a few of the contestants that appear in the picture galleries so you can see them in action. Spring Break had many different contests so we've put in some booty shake and shadow dancing to add to the variety and finish it off with a half dozen crazy girls screaming into the mic to try and win the fake orgasm contest. This video is fun to watch and gives a hint of what may come in the future here at
5 / 25 / 2015
We are going to take it back to 1989 with this latest video addition featuring an annual Labor day weekend bikini contest. This is the point in the bikini contest timeline where all the girls were wearing G string bikinis, had natural hot bodies with dark tans and loved to work the stage. These were the girls that began to push the limits that ultimately peaked in the early 90s when slings, pasties and microkinis were worn by the winner. Come inside the members section and enjoy this blast from the past which includes the lovely hardbody contestant in the yellow bikini to the right.
5 / 11 / 2015
For this update we are putting up a 12 minute video that goes with the picture gallery for contest 52 which is the update on 4/9. The photographer took pictures but caught a few minutes of video that we feel should be part of the content. Not only does it complete the coverage of that contest it adds to the record of the changing dynamic of bikini contests in general. The stage had a long runway leading out to the crowd but the girls stayed at the back of the stage which didn't make for very good video. We do however get to see the winner crowned. This video only validates just how awesome the old contests were when the girls really worked the stage.
4 / 23 / 2015
This new gallery can be described in one word, bootylicious. While putting this gallery together it soon became apparent that every one of the girls in this contest had an incredible butt. Nine girls and all stacked in the back. From behind they are all 10s so the competition was about the rest of them and even then they were all outstanding. This contest venue had them like this every spring break in the late 90s and we sure wish we had more pictures like this.
4 / 9 / 2015
The biker fashion round has been posted and now its time for the bikini contest from this 2014 Daytona Biketoberfest event held at the Daytona International Speedway. While the contestant count is on the small side the girls represent a wide variety a figures with something for everyone. No two girls are built the same. Come inside the members section and see which one catches your eye.
3 / 27 / 2015
We've found a classic bikini contest video from what looks like the early 1990s. A time when contestants didn't have tattoos or boob jobs and liked to tease their hair and pull the bikini bottom straps as high as they can. This was held as part of the pro mens volleyball tour and the video shows each girl as she takes the stage and gets interviewed in her bikini. The video is just over 30 mins long and goes from the start of the contest all the way to the crowning of the winner. This video is for all the fans of those jacked up bikinis.
3 / 9 / 2015
For this update we've added another 210 pictures to the 2006 Hooters regional bikini contest which now has over 750 pictures and over 30 girls with still more yet to come in future updates. This was the central Florida contest to decide who would go on to represent in the Hooters national pageant. These are the best of the best in 2006 and this picture update really captures the action as new girls in that contest continue to take the stage in the bikini round.
2 / 22 / 2015
Time for more bikini round galleries of the huge Halloween contest featured in Contest 41. This was three round consisting of the costume, club wear and finally the bikini round. We got the first two rounds posted and started the bikini round and have just added more galleries of the bikini round in this latest update.
2 / 4 / 2015
We posted the Biker Wear round of the 2007 Miss Rat Hole bikini contest and now its time for the bikinis! This contest featured some of the tannest, curvyest girls we've seen in one contest and they sure showcased that as each girl took to the stage. The tops were over flowing and the girl to the right had a natural set that plastic surgeons dream of replicating. Watching her walk on stage was breathtaking. Come inside and check out over 250 new pictures of these contestants in the bikini round in this update.
1 / 21 / 2015
This update features a bikini contest from way back in 1986 that was part of a big weekend surfing competition at a popular Florida beach. The video sets the stage with shots of the activities including some hot bikinis on the beach before getting into the bikini contest. This was captured during a time when high cut bikinis were in and tattoos and fake boobs weren't even on the radar, yet. Come inside the members section and see how bikini contests rocked in the 80s
1 / 6 / 2015
We are going to start off 2015 with one of our favorite bikini contestants. This beauty was a regular of south Florida contests back in the early 1990s and regularly took the win with her fit body barely covered in the custom bikinis she liked to compete in. We are very lucky to get access to some awesome pictures from that time when she did a photo shoot on a Fl beach so come inside the members section and check out the portfolio of one of the hottest bikini contestant from the glory days of the 1990s.
12 / 19 / 2014
There can be more to the experience than just watching a bikini contest especially if its held near the beach. You could spend the whole day soaking up the sights and that is what the latest video is all about. This mashup of bikinis, surfing, party girls, wildlife and bikini contestants gives a great look at what a day at a Florida beach can be like. From hot bodies in bikinis to a drunken cat fight this video delivers the action so come inside and see it all!
12 / 4 / 2014
This update continues where we left off in contest gallery #51 with six more galleries added of some very hot and sexy bikini contestants including the redhead pictured to the right. We wish all girls competed in bikinis like hers but unfortunately the current bikini styles don't favor that look so the next best thing is checking out the pictures in the members section here at Wild Bikini Contests.
11 / 14 / 2014
There were several girls competing for the title of Miss Sebring 12 Hours at the 2014 endurance race at Sebring International Raceway and we've got the entire event captured and ready for the members here at Wild Bikini Contests. With so much content we've been breaking it up into several updates with the club wear and the beginning of the bikini contest already posted. For this update we are continuing the bikini round with a few more girls including the buff contestant to the right. I must say for a race weekend that favors strength, power and sleek bodies she fits in perfectly.
10 / 30 / 2014
This update features a very recent biker fashion show that was held before a bikini contest. Six girls took the stage in some sexy biker wear during the 2014 Biketoberfest in Daytona and this new gallery captures the action. These girls made beautiful models and knowing they would also be in the following bikini contest made it fun to try and imagine the bodies underneath the cute biker outfits they wowed the crowd in. Come inside and check out this latest update and see if you can predict the winner of the bikini contest which will be featured in a future update here at Wild Bikini Contests.
10 / 14 / 2014
We've got a huge contest with many girls competing over three days before the winner was chosen and for this update we are going to kick it off with the first installment to this new contest. This contest was held in 2003 and features many of the top local girls of that time. A few of these girls brought some very sexy bikinis for that time including the girl featured to the left that had two stars for her top and a tiny patch for the bottom and she held it all together with clear fishing line that made her look naked from behind. It sure worked the crowd into a frenzy and after looking at the pictures inside the members section you too will appreciate her effort.
9 / 28 / 2014
The last update was of a very recent contest and for this update we're going back to the mid 1980s for a very special contest. This awesome video highlights one of our very own featured models here at Wild Bikini Contests! Julie is our all time favorite bikini girl and nobody did it better than Julie. She was almost unbeatable in bikini competition, a super hot bikini model and just a whole lot of fun to be around. Come inside the members section and watch her in action as she takes on some very stiff competition at this south FL pool bar and you'll see why we rate her as one of the very best.
9 / 13 / 2014
We have a brand new contest that was photographed just a few weekends ago over the Labor Day Holiday. This is an annual contest that has gone through many changes over the years. In the 90s it was the best with girls wearing next to nothing but pressure on the event organizers to make it more of a family friendly weekend event. That led to a lack of sponsorship which meant less prize money and the top girls lost interest. This year they tried to revive the old days with a prize package worth over $1,000 and several girls entered. This contest clearly shows how the styles have changed from the 90s and not necessarily in a good way. Where did the top girls go.
8 / 29 / 2014
This video is a perfect example of quality over quantity. With only three girls in this contest each one took the stage with a different and distinctive style. One is bubbly and energetic. The second one has the moves of an exotic dancer and the third was shy but comes out of her shell as the crowd cheers her on. All three look incredible and the camera catches the action from two different angles. As a special bonus the photographer gets the winner to go to the beach and pose in a few different bikinis including an outfit made only of gauze which he gets her to get wet for some awesome video.
8 / 14 / 2014
We've got an awesome bikini contest video from 1989 for this latest update. This was a two day contest at the beach with over 70 girls entered. Thongs were just beginning to appear in contests and several girls expose their tan lines trying to stay ahead of the competition. The entire 30 minute video is shot from behind the stage capturing the girls as they get ready for their turn to wow the huge crowd. This video shows lots of hot girls doing their best to rock the 80s style leaving us to wonder what they would look like in the next decade when slings and microkinis came into play.
7 / 30 / 2014
This contest was stacked with talent as at least two of the contestants were Playboy models and another one certainly could have if she wanted. These girls came with the goal of winning first place and brought their best bikinis. The girl in pink had a sheer wrap for a top that barely covered her top and the girl on the left had a bikini made from just three strategically placed shamrocks that made her look naked from behind. Another unusual bikini was made of stars. The mix of experienced models with amateurs off the beach made this a very entertaining contest to watch.
7 / 14 / 2014
For this update we are going to get into the bikini round of our coverage of the contest held in the infield of Sebring for the 2014 12 Hours endurance race. The first installment here at WBC was the club wear round and if you saw that I'm sure you already have picked some favorites. 220 pictures of the bikini round have now been added to this contest gallery. With so many girls and so many pictures it will take at least one more update to finish the contest coverage. Seeing the contestant to the right sure is a great start.
6 / 29 / 2014
This contest adds a few new faces to the already incredible roster here at Wild Bikini Contests including one blonde with the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen. Several girls take the stage in this weekly contest held during the summer months at a nice little beach bar. A few of the girls employ the strategy of changing their bikinis between rounds so we get to see them in more than one. We've also added a few shots taken before the contest as the photographer has once again expertly spotted the contestants mixed in with the crowd.
6 / 15 / 2014
This update is a contest held in 2002 at the beach during a weekend festival. This is one of those contests made up primarily of girls that were on the beach that decided to enter with a few pros in the mix as well. It is always fun to survey the action on the beach before the contest to see which girls should or will enter so we've included a gallery of girls on the beach that day with at least two of them entering the bikini contest. For fun check those pictures out first and see if you too have the eye for bikini contest talent.
6 / 1 / 2014
We've added another 252 pictures to Contest #45 featuring more of the girls that took part in this awesome bikini contest that was held for three days over a holiday weekend. That makes just over 500 pictures for this contest! Join now and see the action.
5 / 16 / 2014
This update adds another 252 pictures to Contest #39 bringing the total of pictures for that contest to 756. This contest features several beautiful contestants over two days of competition on a stage built on the beach. The galleries also include some candid shots of girls on the beach, some that entered the contest and some that certainly should have. We are happy so many took to the stage including the stunner in red shown in the picture to the right. Join now and see the action that goes on at a big beach side bikini contest.
4 / 30 / 2014
Time for a look at the annual 12 Hours of Sebring race weekend and with such a great response from our 2013 coverage we're going all out for 2014. Once again they had a great bikini contest in the infield and we got some hot shots of the 14 or so contestants. This contests had two rounds, club wear and then bikinis. We have way too many pictures for one update so we're starting out our 2014 Sebring coverage with over 300 pictures of just the club wear round. Eventually we'll add the bikini round, a video, some race car action and a special look at the incredible Grid Girls at the track. Join now and get your motors running with the smoking hot Club Wear round.
4 / 15 / 2014
We've got another Spring Break bikini contest video for this update and this time its from 1995. Not very many girls in this one but all of the contestants were natural beauties with one pulling moves worthy of the night shift down at the local strip club. Our favorite in the pink bikini had the curves of a Ferrari and watching the video made us think how much times have changed because you rarely see girls like this any more. Now tattoos and boob jobs are the norm so a curvy all natural body that jiggles when she walks is a sight to behold. However, the hottest girl that day was the one the cameraman spotted in the crowd. Join now for a blast from the past!
3 / 30 / 2014
This update adds another classic video to the members section with a look at a typical bikini contest at the Candy Store in Ft Lauderdale. The beachside bar right on the strip in Ft Lauderdale had the best bikini contest which they held every Saturday afternoon weather permitting. The hottest girls came from all over to compete so you never knew what might show up. These girls wore suits more daring than what you might find just across A1A at the beach and even though they would be considered tame by today's standards, these girls pushed the limits of the day and we're happy it was captured on video. Join now for a bikini blast from the past in Ft Lauderdale.
3 / 12 / 2014
Time for the much anticipated Bikini Round in the Contest 41 Gallery. These awesome girls took to the stage first in the sexy costume round followed by the Club Wear round and for this latest update we're starting the Bikini Round. These girls look incredible in their bikinis and with hundreds of pictures every curve was captured from every angle.
2 / 24 / 2014
We've dug up this bikini contest from 2002 and it has all types of contestants from strippers to seasoned pros. For some girls it was their very first contest and one of those went on to become a very popular winning contestant. The wide variety of girls brought a wide variety of bikinis that ranged from fairly conservative to micro bikinis that left little to the imagination. It was a three day contest with different girls the first two days and the finals on the third. Because this will be a huge gallery we are going to start off with day one in this update and will add the rest in future updates.
2 / 10 / 2014
This update features a wet T-shirt contest that followed the bikini contest at this famous Spring Break destination. Some girls would enter both contests and when you saw a super hottie in the bikini contest you prayed she would stay for the wet T. On this occasion an amazing girl won the bikini contest and entered the wet T which you would think she would win easily. The competition was stiff and so was the crowd as she competed against some amazing girls including two that couldn't keep their hands of each other. Watch the video as each girl takes to the stage, gets wet and do jumping jacks in order to win over the crowd and take home the money.
1 / 24 / 2014
Eight more galleries have been added to Contest 41 which features the " Club Wear " round of this recently photographed bikini contest. Each girl took the stage in their sexy little dresses and they were spectacular. Long legs in high heels topped of by a super short dress made this round as exciting as the bikini round. One girl tried to get an advantage over the others by wearing a plunging neckline that exposed a little more than she had planned or maybe it was intentional. Either way we sure enjoyed the pictures!
1 / 8 / 2014
We just found this video of a bikini contest recorded on VHS at the world famous Candy Store right on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Judging by the bikini styles it appears to be sometime in the late 1980s. The video had already been edited so it's not as raw or long as we like it to be but still an awesome capture of the time. Every Saturday afternoon the Candy Store held the bikini contest and had the hottest girls until Shooters came into the picture. Maybe the girls kept getting better. Check out the latest video from the 1980s
12 / 29 / 2013
Playboy Playmate Julie Clarke returns with this new gallery in the Bikini Model section featuring her favorite tear drop style bikini. We get a lot of requests for more content of this style bikini so we were thrilled when Julie gave us this gallery to use. Her body is perfect for the tear drop and you will become a fan when you see her in this set all oiled up on the bench. Come inside and see why Julie caught the eye of Playboy and how great she still looks fifteen years later.
12 / 22 / 2013
Our latest update features the 2007 Miss Rat Hole bikini contest held in Leesburg Florida. This contest had some incredible girls including this girl pictured on the right that had a perfect bust and wasn't afraid to flaunt them untamed in this daring top that loosely draped over them. From hard body to thick body this contest has them all as they take to the stage during an annual motorcycle event. Join now and see girls that like to put something exciting between their legs.
12 / 8 / 2013
This contest was held back in 2004 when the " tear drop " style bikini was just starting to become popular and girls dared to wear them in bikini contests. One girl brought hers to this contest and had the crowd going wild. There were a few other beautiful girls but most eyes were on that tear drop bikini bottom wondering if it was going to stay in place as she walked the stage. Join now and see her and all the other girls do their best to win first place.
11 / 15 / 2013

This update will probably end up being the biggest picture gallery here at WBC. It's of the 2006 Hooters regional swimsuit contest held in Orlando to find the girl to represent at the National pageant. We have hundreds of pictures of over forty contestants and we'll break them into several updates until the gallery is full. This first group features the introduction round as each girl takes the stage in a tee shirt and we'll add the start of the bikini round shortly to complete this first installment. These are the best girls from central FL area Hooters and they put on a great contest

10 / 31 / 2013
What better way to celebrate Halloween than a sexy costume contest for this update. These images were captured just a few days ago during a big event that featured an awesome bikini contest that had three rounds, Costume, Club Wear and Bikini. This update features the Costume round with several contestants in sexy costumes that includes a Black Angel, Race Car Driver, Lingerie Football Player, White Angel, Ship Captain, School Girl and Miss USA in a Bikini. Who wouldn't want these girls knocking on their door tonight. Join now and celebrate your Halloween with a treat!
10 / 15 / 2013
This update features a bikini contest held at the Daytona beach Convention Center during the Spring Break Nationals in 2007. Every year this show rolls into town and treats spectators to some wild rides, outrageous sound systems and a hot bikini contest. I liked it better when they held most of the events outside at the band shell on the beach but its still worth the admission to see what they pack the convention center with. This contest was dominated by the girls that run with the tuner crowd but in the end they lost to a local girl.
9 / 27 / 2013
This video is a prime example of what a Florida Spring Break Bikini Contest was like back in the 1990s. This contest features a battle between a few college coeds and a few seasoned bikini contest pros. The confident coeds put on a great show with stripper like moves but their smiles were quickly turned upside down when one of the pros took off her bikini in the final round to reveal a much smaller bikini that drove the crowd wild. Many of the contestants wore the popular sling suits but the winner trumped them all with a suit made of three tiny patches of pink material connected by clear fishing line.
9 / 11 / 2013
This update features a bikini contest held in 1999 at a Hooters that was put on by a not yet famous Larry the Cable Guy. It was part of a crazy day long party Larry called the 2nd Annual Heterosexual Parade and several girls entered the bikini contest. With blondes, brunettes and a ravishing redhead taking the stage in bikinis this contest had it all. My only complaint is Larry didn't keep the girls on stage long enough so I added a " slow jam " to the end of the contest to make the video almost 30 minutes long. This video is also the first to be viewable in full screen as all future videos will be and eventually all previous videos will have this feature added as well.
8 / 29 / 2013
Last update we presented a great contest with six picture galleries of girls at the beach waiting for the afternoon bikini contest to begin. For this update we are going to stick with the same contest and add six more galleries of the contestants as they walk the stage. This time the camera position is on the sand which gives a great view looking up at the girls with nothing but the sky for a background.
8 / 5 / 2013
Last update we pointed out how girls would spend their day at the beach and then enter the afternoon bikini contest and how if you looked closely you could probably pick out who ends up on stage. This time we are featuring an annual end of summer beach bash that was legendary for it's bikini contest. A few thousand people would attend and the beach was filled with worthy prospects. There are too many pictures for one update so we're going to make this part 1 with mostly pictures of girls in the crowd as they enjoy the day leading up to the 1st round of the bikini contest. Enjoy the candid shots and see if you can predict which ones will end up on stage.
7 / 23 / 2013
This contest is a classic example of the ways girls come up with to win over the crowd and take home first place. Two of the hottest girls began the contest in nice bikinis that were somewhat equal to what the other girls were wearing. During the break between rounds one and two they changed into something much more daring. One girl came back in a tear drop style bikini that was a new style at the time and the other came out in a bikini that had a full bottom but was made of sheer material in the back so her butt was visible. Judging by how wild the crowd got her strategy certainly worked.
7 / 9 / 2013
We found this contest buried in a VHS tape from a surf trip to south Florida around 1990. A group of friends spent the day catching waves and capturing it on video. After that they headed south for some food and found themselves in the middle of a classic bikini contest at the world famous Candy Store in Fort Lauderdale. While everyone grabbed a cool beer to enjoy the show one guy pulled out the video camera to record the action. Unfortunately for us there was little battery life left on the camera and not much room left on the VHS tape so the cameraman had to conserve his shots for any hope to make it until the end of the contest. What we get to see in this update is 16 minutes of a Candy Store bikini contest that featured at least one girl with a butt that can only be described as perfection.
6 / 25 / 2013
Back in the 1990s when Daytona welcomed spring breakers there was a hotel that held daily bikini contests out on the pool deck. Hot girls would wander in from a day at the beach and compete in contests for cash and bar tabs. There were also the pro contestants that go from contest to contest and the mix of hot pros and brave amateurs made for some awesome contests. This place held a bikini contest in the afternoon that was soon followed by a wet -T shirt contest. The spring breakers tend to get wild as this is most likely their only time in a contest. Sometimes a pro bikini girl would stay for the wet-T. This update features a hard body pro against a natural busty, Spring Breaker in a winner takes all wet-T contest.
6 / 12 / 2013
I don't know how it happened but somewhere along the line the bikinis in today's contests have become much more conservative than those we saw back in the late 1980s and most of the 90s. The Sling was genius in design and had a way of showing off a body like no other. It was always a crowd favorite and a girl today would rock the house if she wore a sling on stage next to the current styles. Sadly it isn't happening but thankfully we have pictures and video from a time when girls pushed the limits of their contest wear. For our latest update we have a contest video that features a perfect example of why the sling was so awesome. Join now and watch a super curvy, tan contestant rock the stage in her Sling Bikini.
5 / 27 / 2013
For this update we're going to stay with the same time and venue as the last update and show a contest that has a couple girls that really caught our eye. While there was only about a half dozen girls in this contest two really stood out. Both had all natural bodies that looked to be fine tuned in the gym. These girls were outstanding from any angle and if you're a fan of the rear view you will be really pleased. Join now and see over 300 pictures of a contest featuring a few of our all time favorite wild bikini contestants.
5 / 12 / 2013
This contest is from the early 2000s and was photographed at a beach bar that held contests on the weekend. DSLR cameras were just finding their way back then and these pictures were actually taken using the photo mode on a high quality video camera. The result is low resolution pictures but they still do a great job of capturing the action and recording the contest style of the times. While there were only about a half dozen girls in the contest the quality was outstanding. Our favorite of the contest is a solid ten and she has even posed for Perfect Ten magazine. Surprisingly she didn't win. Join now and see which girl had the goods to beat her in this gallery of over 300 pictures of wild bikini contest action.
4 / 27 / 2013
This update is the video to go with pictures posted two updates ago on 3/29/2013 of the Bikini Contest held at Sebring International Speedway during the 12 Hour race. Using only one camera to capture both the pictures and video means some parts of the contest were not captured on video when the camera was switched to picture mode. This video still gives you a great look at the girls as they walk the stage with full sound as the emcee tells about the girls. Some great action of the cars as they race around the track has been added to the end of the video so you can see what they were like which helps to make this 37 min video fun to watch.
4 / 13 / 2013
This update features a Bikini Contest held during one of the Biker events in 2009 at Daytona. Held just outside the track on the " Midway " this bikini contest was put on by Hooters and had nearly a dozen beautiful contestants. While this was a contest it was similar to a fashion show as all the girls had very nice makeup, wore the right heels and had similar swimsuits which were a bit on the conservative side ( no thongs allowed ). While it made for a very entertaining contest, I can't help but think how much hotter these girls would've looked in thongs, microkinis and sling shots. We still got the goods and this gallery has a almost 600 pictures including a bonus gallery of Biker shots taken during the week long event.
3 / 29 / 2013
We've got a brand new contest shot recently at the 12 Hours of Sebring race in Florida. Every year they hold a bikini contest in the infield of the track during the race. While it can be a hit or miss when it comes to quality bikini contestants, this year was definitely a hit with hot bods in bikinis. Emceed by Miss Hooters International 2011 Lindsey Way the girls put it all out there for a rowdy race crowd and it was no surprise who they picked as the winner. This update features pictures of all the girls as they make their way around the stage. As an added bonus we've included a gallery of pictures taken around the track of the race so you can see what a day at the 12 Hours of Sebring is like and why we return every year.
3 / 12 / 2013
Back in the 70s and 80s Fort Lauderdale was thee destination for college spring breakers and the strip along the beach was packed with beauties in bikinis. Several bars held daily contests and none did it better than the Candy Store. The pool out front lured them in and was the perfect spot to have the famous " belly Flop " contest and then the bikini contest. A wet T shirt contest was held at night inside the bar. So many hot girls have entered the Candy Store contests over the years and its a shame it happened before camcorders became popular and could be recorded. By the time the 90s came around Daytona became #1 for spring break with the help of MTv and the Candy Store was on it's way out. Lucky for us camcorders were around and the last of the Candy Store Bikini Contests were captured for some fond memories. This video shows what a contest at the Candy Store was like.
2 / 24 / 2013
This video is from a photographer that was scouting models for consideration to appear in Playboy and while the video was more for model reference than capturing the actual bikini contest, there is still some great shots of some very hot bikini contestants. The contest was held in 1997 when the high cut bikinis were still in style and a few of the girls had some interesting variations of the sling shot. The video was shot on the VHS-C format and is nearly 45 minutes long as it covers the 1st round of contestant introductions followed by the bikini round and finished off as the girls gather up their stuff on the patio before leaving. This is a great video for fans of the 90s style.
2 / 3 / 2013
There is something about a beautiful redhead that always gets the fire burning. I don't know if it is because of the rarity or the color or what. They are simply eye catching and for the latest update we have a spectacular example. This contest was filled with mostly amateurs which is always fun to look at but there was also an amazing redhead with a curvy hardbody and piercing blue eyes. She took to the stage in a microkini that left very little to the imagination and the usually loud crowd was left breathless. Join now to see more of this special contestant and see if she takes your breath away.
1 / 20 / 2013
We dug deep to find this video of a bikini contest held at Sandy Beach in Hawaii as part of the 1987 Gotcha Pro surf contest. If you are a fan of the 80s style bikinis and hot girls with big hair and natural bodies this video gets it done. Every girl has a deep Hawaiian Tropic style tan with more curves than the Kam Highway. My vote went to the girl in pink with the perfect body but even she couldn't defeat the stunner that went on to become the winner.
1 / 5 / 2013
We're going to kick off the new year with a classic early 1990s video of a Hooters bikini contest. Seven lovely Hooters Girls take to the stage in their best bikinis. The video starts with the T-shirt auction where each girl comes out with a Hooters Tee signed by all the girls and the highest bidder in the crowd gets the shirt and we get to see her take it off revealing her bikini. Join now and see which girl got the highest bid and the crowd reaction when her shirt came off..
12 / 19 / 2012

It is time for another Feature Model and for this update we've got one of the very best. One year she went undefeated in every bikini contest she entered and it is no surprise with her perfect bikini body and awesome stage presence. This was back before thongs and sling shots were common and she pushed the boundaries of the time with her tiny Brazilian bikinis that always sent the crowd into a frenzy. She looked super sexy coming or going while up on that stage and the sight of her butt can only be described as perfection.

Inside the members section is a nice portfolio of her pictures taken at the beach in various bikinis including a Brazilian G String that was captured only once on camera. If there was a Bikini Contestant Hall of Fame she would be front and center. We are lucky to have these rare pictures to share as our Feature Model at Wild Bikini Contests.

11 / 30 / 2012
This update features a Hooters bikini contest that was held 10/20/2012 at the Daytona International Speedway during Biketoberfest which makes it the most recent bikini contest on this site. Hooters always puts on a great contest for those that come to " Thunder Alley " just outside the track to see all the motorcycle vendors and displays for the biker enthusiasts. There is also a video to go with the gallery of pictures so you can see the girls on the move. Join now and you'll get to see what it took to beat the two girls to the right for the title of Miss Hooters Biketoberfest.
10 / 29 / 2012
Fort Myers Beach is the location for this early nineties bikini contest held right on the beach during an offshore powerboat race. The beach was absolutely packed with spectators and the shore was lined with boats as they dropped anchor for a better view. The video starts with some great shots of the action on the beach before getting into the bikini contest that features some very hot contestants. Two things that date this video are the style of the bikinis and the fact that the girls are all natural instead surgically enhanced like the contestants so common today. Join now for a blast from the past.
10 / 12 / 2012
For most of the nineties this hotel pool bar on Daytona beach had the best spring break bikini and wet-t shirt contests in Florida. They were held every afternoon and it was an amazing mix of spring break girls wanting to experience something new and the hottest girls in Fl. that regularly compete in these contests. Every day was a different mix and guaranteed to blow your mind with the sights on stage. It was amazing to watch the girls get competitive and push each others limits. Then you kept your fingers crossed that your favorite in the bikini contest would hang out and return in the wet-T contest. This video features one of those contests with an awesome mix of spring breakers and some pros that were either hard bodies or naturally voluptuous. Every contest was like this one and I wish I'd made it to more. Join now and you can relive this one with me.
9 / 20 / 2012

We dug deep into the archives and found some classic bikini contest pictures for this latest update. Back in the late 1980s and early 90s the best weekly bikini contest in Florida was held every Saturday afternoon at Shooters in Ft. Lauderdale. It was a great bar right on the intercoastal waterway so you could come by boat or car and being just a few blocks from the beach there was never a shortage of eye candy around the pool. The very best girls came to compete for the cash prize and were picked by crowd applause. A temporary bridge was placed over the pool and each girl made a lap around and over the pool for a perfect view. Photography was restricted to still cameras only as no video was allowed. This was before digital so typically we would shoot one or two rolls of film so it is hard to find a lot of pictures of a Shooters Bikini Contest. This update features pictures from two different contests and a few stray shots from a Bikini contest at some jet Ski races to help fill out the gallery.

8 / 17 / 2012
This update features a 29 minute video of a 2004 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Bikini contest held in conjunction with the Seminole Hard Rock during Bike Week in Daytona beach on the infamous Main Street. The video starts with a few sights along the sidewalk as Bike Week gets into full gear. The contest is discovered and some truly amazing contestants are revealed. See TV personality and bikini superstar Charity Hodges, Playboy Playmate Tiffany Selby currently competing on TV's Big Brother reality show and the hottest redhead to ever wear a bikini in a contest, Samantha. Add in the beautiful MC Ashley Smith, a bit of music and some slow motion for a longer look at the good stuff and you have one of our best videos yet!
8 / 1 / 2012
This picture gallery is from an end of summer Bikini Contest Final that had a lot of very hot girls showing up in their best bikinis. Many girls means many pictures and this latest update is filled with them. There is also a video clip showing some of the action on and off the stage for a well rounded look at a wild bikini contest!
7 / 17 / 2012
This update features a Bikini Contest that was held as part of a Holiday weekend at a popular Florida east coast beach. While it appeared that many of the regular bikini circuit girls were off to a more lucrative contest it didn't stop the locals and a few were definitely ready to fill the void with some show stopping bikinis of their own including this beauty to the left in her patriotic creation.
6 / 30 / 2012
We dug deep into the archives to pull out this video from the late 1980s that was captured on VHS at the world famous Candy Store in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Made famous back when Ft. Lauderdale was the number one destination for Spring Breakers the Candy Store was ground zero for all the action. Eventually Daytona stole the action with the help of MTV but that didn't stop them from holding some wild bikini and wet-T contests out by the pool. This updates features a straight up look at a classic Candy Store Bikini Contest.
6 / 14 / 2012
There was a Sound Expo that was held during Spring Break in Daytona and it featured the latest in sound equipment for you car and featured many custom cars and their outrageous audio setups. One of the most popular events was the bikini contest they held across the street at the band shell on the beach. The picture gallery will show the contestants hit all the right notes as they worked the stage for the judges and the screaming spring breakers.
6 / 1 / 2012
It was time for another end of summer bikini contest final at this favorite Florida beach bar but what really brought out the top talent was the fact that it was all being filmed for a TV pay-per-view special. This update features a nice video of the hottest bikini girls as they make the rounds on the elevated stage. As an extra bonus a bikini fashion show that preceded the bikini contest has been included and the models were just as hot as the bikini contestants!
5 / 17 / 2012
This update is just a simple gallery of frame grabs from our epic Easter Surf Festival bikini contest video that can also be found in the video gallery section. The contest was from the early 90s and captured on VHS. While the quality suffers from the limitations of the equipment of the time the action is top notch with a stellar selection of bikini contestants and the amazing suits they wore including several variations of the Sling. The frame grabs give you a chance to pause the action and the video is also there to see it all.